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What we do


Edge is an innovation and business development company. Since 2001 we have created substantial value and profitable growth for our customers by


Creating and implementing strong growth platforms- unlocking the true growth potential for the customer and bringing strategic clarity of what to do- where and why.


Transforming the growth opportunities into attractive and holistic concepts, solutions and brands with appealing communication and brand stories


Improving companies´ growth capabilities based on our unique Edge Growth Codex ™


How we work


We combine strategic creativity with our growth mindset and focus. We always work integrated with discovering the fundamental key insights, exploring the growth opportunities with creative innovation techniques and strategic thinking.


We have developed a best practice toolbox of models, methods and processes to secure efficient projects, and help implementation in our customers organization.


Our Why


We want to create a better future - for people, the environment, our customers, and the society.


We do this through value creation with strong focus on sustainable innovations and developing winning companies with the same mindset and values.




We work with customers from large enterprises to startups across a range of industries from consumer goods and services, media, ICT and B2B Industry. We have created substantial value and growth for several of the largest and leading companies in Norway.

Our clients share a desire to understand their customers and markets on a deeper level and to act more effectively on this understanding to create sustainable, profitable growth.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the EDGE team. Their business approach and capabilities have unlocked a wide range of opportunities for our companies.”

Divisional Director, International B2B Corporation

“We have worked with EDGE during several years now and have seen a steady growth during this period.  I think it´s safe to say that our current position as a global market leader in our category has a lot to do with our collaboration with EDGE.”


Concept Director, International Industry Corporation

“Working with EDGE is different than working with other companies. They have a way of pinpointing our business needs even before we´ve realized them ourselves. This is for us very valuable as it gives us a head start to our competitors.”


Marketing Director, Norwegian FMCG Company 

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